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A&C Supermarket sells groceries from all over the world. We have products ranging from Japan to China to Africa. All our goods are imported and are much cheaper than any other grocery store around. Make sure to come in and check us out. 


Produce Section

Our produce section has a wide variety of vegetables and fruits from many different countries. Some produce such as bok choy and chinese kale we sell year round. Others such as litchi and mangosteen are seasonal so give us a call if you have any questions about our produce.


Fish/Meat Department
Our fish department has some of the freshest fish around imported straight from the lakes and ocean of North Carolina. We sell live tilapia, bass and lobster and many fresh cuts from salmon, yellowtail etc. Our meat department sells many different cuts of meat from pork chop to chicken breast to duck gizzard and is guaranteed to be fresh.



A&C's houseware section contains all the necessities for everyday living. From napkins to soap to plates to pans, we have it all. We also sell many different type of porcelin vases and Asia house decorations. Besides for home, our houseware section sells many equipment for restaurants such as woks, meat tenderizers and kitchen knifes.


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